Ajax Wireless Security Alarm System - A new generation of wireless security systems

The Ajax Wireless Alarm has everything you need to protect your premises. Sensitive detectors monitor the motion inside, while a powerful hub connects them to the outside world.

A wide range of security products are available to integrate into the Ajax ecosystem, enhancing the protection of the Ajax StarterKit.  Making the world a safer place.  Ajax wireless solutions meet the needs of modern times. They are reliable, clear and beautiful at the same time. Because when it comes to safety, there are no compromises.  Turns the security system on and off Equipped with panic/alarm button About 2000 m range in open space.

In real conditions — several floors of the business center Frequency range: 868-868.6 MHz Two-way communication confirms enabling guard mode Message encryption and protection against frauds and replay attacks Authentication Lithium battery 250 mAh.



Ajax Hub - The brain of the Ajax security system

Ajax Hub enhances the performance of each device in the Ajax system. It monitors and controls network devices and collects data using Jeweller, our advanced wireless connection technology. The hub analyzes threats, filters false alarms and alerts you of any real danger. Additional protection against sabotage makes Ajax Hub unassailable, along with any premises it protects.






Maximum performance

  • Jeweller wireless technology allows Ajax Hub to monitor securely all network devices up to 2,000 meters away in open space or across several floors of a business center
  • An ARM processor provides additional power for critically important tasks
  • Uses an Ethernet connection with a GSM backup
  • Can work with up to 100 devices simultaneously
  • Up to 10 users and a security firm can connect to the system for monitoring via Contact ID
  • All sockets and buttons are hidden inside the body
  • Tamper-resistant body
  • External power failure immediately activates an alarm
  • Works up to 10 hours on battery backup
  • Pings every 12-300 seconds to monitor the system
  • Jamming detection, communication channels encryption and authentication
  • Ajax Hub automatically chooses an unaffected frequency in case of channel failure
  • A backup GSM signal will notify you in case of a network failure
  • Ajax Hub will keep you updated using its DeliverAnyway algorithm, even in cases of a network failure
  • The system works even with very poor connections: the system works at a speed of just 0.5 kbit/s
  • Two-way communication allows for periodic testing and easy customization
  • Firmware and software updates are free and automatic
  • The system can be easily controlled using a keychain remote, smartphone app or a web browser
  • Ajax Hub securely maintains a history of all events
  • Geofence technology can remind you to arm the security system when you leave and disarm it when you get back
  • The system can be installed easily in under 15 minutes using the interactive manual and SmartBraket mounts
  • The quality of the connection, device detection area and level of radio noise can be tested remotely
  • Devices connect to Ajax Hub with a single click
  • The ultrathin AC power adapter is built into the body
  • Ajax Hub is less than 4cm thick

Ajax Wireless Alarm System